Welcome Baby L

Newborn Photography is an art.

I have to admit it’s not yet an art I’ve mastered but I love to practice.  When paying clients ask me to photograph their newborn I have to be very clear that my speciality is NOT posed newborn shots but I’d be happy to document the emotion and realness in bringing home their little bundle.   I’ve been relentless in reading and studying photography, learning new editing tricks, making sure my equipment and software are up to date and I’ve been proud to look back, even from photos I’ve taken a month ago in the improvements I have made. Alas, Newborn photography is an art.  Thank goodness I had such a BEAUTIFUL subject to capture and “practice” this very difficult form of photography.

Laila is a very lucky girl.  Her parents beliefs are deeply routed in hardwork, family and friendships and not necessarily in that order.  She will grow to be as beautiful as her Mom, as strong and fiercely loyal as her Dad and protected by her big brother.   She will be surrounded by tons of family and friends.  Laila is a very lucky girl.

Her family is also very lucky.  Just one look at this little beauty and you know she will change them forever.

Welcome to the world beautiful Laila. I even took a break and had to get in front of the camera to welcome you to the world!  Can’t wait to see you soon!