As parents we can’t help to hit the FAST FORWARD button.

What decision will we make today that will affect our children tomorrow.

When a Dad is told he will be a father to a little girl there are flashes to teenage years, first dates and of course, what it will feel like to walk his precious little girl down the aisle

As mothers what can we do to ensure our little girls are confident, strong, adventurous and most importantly happy.

As we watch them grow and with each milestone we want to hit the STOP button.

Stop growing.

Your perfect how exactly how you are at this moment, not realizing we said that just moments ago..

Stop the Alarm

Stop the time that is spent away from you

Then there is the REWIND button

Oh how we miss the days of cuddling our little newborns.   Feeling your breath on our ear as you sleep.

Please rewind the clock so you don’t have to venture off to your first day of school alone.

Let’s rewind the clock back to the days when you would reach for my hand and asked to picked up.

The most difficult part is to just PLAY.  To enjoy the simple moments without life getting in the way.  To  appreciate every moment for what they are and to stop worrying about the future or living in the past.

Let them PLAY, let ourselves play with them.   Realize our presence will make them strong confident, adventurous and most importantly, happy.

My session with Jessica and Claire was PLAYFUL!

Claire loves princesses.  When does every girl feel more like a princess than she does on her wedding day?  How amazing for her to slip into her Mom’s wedding dress and to feel like a princess.   How special for Jessica to play dress up her daughter and the most special dress she’ll ever wear.

How incredible it must have felt for Claire to JUMP on a bed with no worries, run with the birds and to toss her crackers in the air without fear of being reprimanded for getting the floors dirty.

I mean really, who doesn’t want to run around naked?

Claire.. you are a very lucky little girl and cherish one of my favorite quotes.  Treat yourself like a Queen and your King will come.  Mommy already thinks you are a princess so you are off to a pretty good start!20140905-DSC_5998