Hey there little Buddy,

I wanted to write about your second trip to the beach before any of the little details slipped away.

As blog posts go I’m totally breaking blogging rules.

I’m going to include WAY too many pictures and I’m going to post them all individually.

This is for you though so who cares about the rules!

Your first trip to the beach was when you were just a wee little thing.  At 6 weeks old Daddy and I couldn’t count on you to tell us what you liked and didn’t like.  We didn’t know when you were too cold or just plain tired.  We were still getting to know you.

Just weeks before your 2nd birthday there is NO guessing what you want or need.

You are determined and you are vocal.  You are perfect.

You have no problem telling pretty much anyone who will listen what you need to make your heart happy.   This trip with all four grandparents and us, your heart was pretty happy..

Ok here we go..

You were pretty tentative on the beach itself.  You weren’t sure how you felt about your toes in the sand or the noise coming from the waves but there was always someone close by to hold your hand.

20140523-DSC_1869When something bothers you we can count on two things.  You will come to a complete stop and ask”what’s that noise” or just cover your ears.





20140526-DSC_2619We tried not to hover..

The water was warm but maybe it was the nerves.  After you told me “Mama I afraid and Mama I scared, Mama I am cold came next
20140526-DSC_2629You wanted your GiGi to help warm you.

Eventually you warmed up to the beach.



20140524-DSC_2060Later that night Grandaddy and Pa were comparing ice cream cones.  Clearly there was a winner



You were just focused on your ice cream.20140524-DSC_2091


As tentative as you were about the beach you LOVED hanging by the pool.  You had endless entertainment.   The pink swing Gigi brought and the turtle pool Mimi brought kept you pretty busy.



So did all the attention..20140524-DSC_2032

20140524-DSC_2051You spent a lot of time in the swing. Shocker.. At one point Gigi held a cold towel to your eye and you couldn’t get enough of it. You asked for it every time you were in the swing.


We spent one night with the Brockways and your friend Luke.  You both were such good boys and did a pretty good job sharing.  20140525-DSC_2301


You boys don’t quite know the importance of these flags but you sure did like waiving them.20140525-DSC_2415





Pa and I did a little exploring with Mama’s new Macro lens..You liked playing with all the creepy crawlers. 20140523-DSC_1894



And finally when it was time to go to call it night ( or end this blog) we always knew. :)





As much fun as you had, tonight when I put you to bed you said, YES my bed.

Bye Beach and welcome home my love. 20140526-DSC_2707





Spring adventures!

The best part about Spring is the ability to enjoy some weekday outside time together.

This has seemed like the LONGEST winter on record for practically everyone.

How fitting we celebrated the first official week of Spring outside

There is no doubt this is best part of my day.  What’s even better is I can tell from the amazement, wonder and joy on your face, that our little adventures in the woods are the best part of your day too.

This week you surprised Daddy and I with your first official sentence.  We’ve had lots of “where did he go” and “what is that” but you asked us “Mama, what is that noise?”  I think it was the clarity of each word combined with our surprise that “noise” had crept into your vocabulary that made us giggle.

As we explored and played in the woods this week you continued to ask “what is that noise”  We heard, birds,dogs, people, kids and airplanes and you loved it all.

Everyday it’s a new word, a new expression a new discovery and just one more joy for us to relish.  As I look back at these pictures of you in the setting sun  – I am reminded, again, that you are truly an angel..


Climbing trees the safe and easy way..


T-23“What’s that noise??”



“Oh Hey”  I’m running at Sissy’s school!
T-4-2 Who knew!! We found an AWESOME park that is pretty deserted and it’s right on the potomac River about a half a mile or so from our house buried in the woods. We will be back and we will be back often. T-19 T-15 T-14 T-13 T-8This is Gary our Banquet Manager’s dog Toughy.  We found Gary and Toughy sitting outside their house.  We had no idea he lived just down the street.  Again, it’s been a long winter..


T-8T-6 T-2

Dearest Dr. Drew

Dearest Dr. Drew

Last week the Flu hit Mommy and Daddy HARD.

For the first couple days I couldn’t do anything but sleep, but as usual I became very restless and anxious to feel better.   One afternoon in an effort to lift my weary spirits I began to explore the depths of my computer’s hard drive.  19 months of images..

Then it happened

Something else other than the flu hit me hard.

I see it happen every day but as I quickly scrolled through the contents of my hard drive it became crystal clear.

How had I missed it?

You’ve grown…

Not just a little, but inches and pounds..

I don’t carry you with one arm anymore but I need both and occasionally the balance of my hip as well.

You speak, actual words and sentences. You walk, you think, you rationalize, you even manipulate.

Looking at your beautiful face grow so quickly scrolling through my hard drive was a little jarring..

It made me want to document more of our time together.  To use more than just my camera.  Relish, write it down, share more than just the images.

I know how I felt capturing every single picture of you but I want you to know too.

There are so many things that you do that makes my heart skip.

The way your tiny little hand fits perfectly around my finger.

The way you say AHH with every hug and end every kiss with MUAH!

The way your voice sounds when you yell for your sissy.

Every. Single. animal sound you make.  They never get old.

I want to find the right words to share with you here.

You will come to learn your Mommy is full of words but when it comes to putting in to words what the last 19 months have meant to me, I have no words.

There are no words to describe how lucky I am to be your Mom

There are no words to tell you how much I love you.

There are no words to tell you how it felt waiting for you.

There are no words to tell you how special you are.

From here on out I am committed to tell you more here on this blog how much I love you and share these special moments.

Let’s get this blogging party started!

Below are some pictures and the story of a special little Sunday we had with Daddy before the flu hit us..

XOXO Forever and Always,


20140216-DSC_1748-2You were such a good boy and loved the planes so much we got you one to take home.  It’s been two weeks and you still play with it every night.

20140216-DSC_1648There were lots of these chairs.  You loved climbing up and taking it all in..

20140216-DSC_1698The planes were great but once you saw these elevators it was all over.  We took at least 10 trips up and down.  We got a lot of strange looks as we stayed on and continued to ride up and down.  We didn’t mind and here Daddy even sneaks in a kiss

20140216-DSC_1742Here you are seen just taking it all in

20140216-DSC_1615Your Dad’s come a long way in his love an appreciation for photography.  He even squatted to take this picture without me asking.   Something I never thought I’d see him do.. He was so proud of himself he forgot to focus.  I don’t care.  This picture will always remind me of Daddy practically laying on the floor to take our picture and it makes me smile.

20140216-DSC_1589You said WHOA when you saw another little one dressed up like you.  I love it.

20140216-DSC_1585Remember what I talked about and that sweet little hand of yours.  Here you are seen holding Dad’s.

20140216-DSC_1687Here is a Pic where Daddy remembered to focus.

20140216-DSC_1738 20140216-DSC_1732 20140216-DSC_1736My favorite part of the day actually ended with a quick snack and some McDonalds fries for you.  The three of us sat at the window and watched the Planes from Dulles landed.  You were in absolute heaven and sat there like a perfect angel for almost 40 minutes

Thanks for a great day. So many more to come.