Spring adventures!

The best part about Spring is the ability to enjoy some weekday outside time together.

This has seemed like the LONGEST winter on record for practically everyone.

How fitting we celebrated the first official week of Spring outside

There is no doubt this is best part of my day.  What’s even better is I can tell from the amazement, wonder and joy on your face, that our little adventures in the woods are the best part of your day too.

This week you surprised Daddy and I with your first official sentence.  We’ve had lots of “where did he go” and “what is that” but you asked us “Mama, what is that noise?”  I think it was the clarity of each word combined with our surprise that “noise” had crept into your vocabulary that made us giggle.

As we explored and played in the woods this week you continued to ask “what is that noise”  We heard, birds,dogs, people, kids and airplanes and you loved it all.

Everyday it’s a new word, a new expression a new discovery and just one more joy for us to relish.  As I look back at these pictures of you in the setting sun  – I am reminded, again, that you are truly an angel..


Climbing trees the safe and easy way..


T-23“What’s that noise??”



“Oh Hey”  I’m running at Sissy’s school!
T-4-2 Who knew!! We found an AWESOME park that is pretty deserted and it’s right on the potomac River about a half a mile or so from our house buried in the woods. We will be back and we will be back often. T-19 T-15 T-14 T-13 T-8This is Gary our Banquet Manager’s dog Toughy.  We found Gary and Toughy sitting outside their house.  We had no idea he lived just down the street.  Again, it’s been a long winter..


T-8T-6 T-2